Saturday, March 26, 2011


Holy shit, the Brave and the Bold episode with Superman is BRILLIANT. It's basically every Superdickery cover in one adventure. Plus about a million tributes to Supes. Luthor's statues! A Mechanical Monster! "You diseased maniac!" JLU homage! Super-ventriloquism! Jimmy O transformations! KOKO!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Superman: The City Of Tomorrow

Do you know what the Avenue of Tomorrow is? It's the main strip in Metropolis. It's where tons of tech based cooperations have their main offices of operation. Most famously STAR labs, Waynetech and Luthorcorp. It was first mentioned by name in the last few years. It's why Metropolis is called the City of Tomorrow. Because lots of fancy schmancy tech companies are based there.

Metropolis should all be gorgeous art deco and be just slightly more advanced than the real world. And some comics feature it as such.

You know what it's missing though? The guys who aren't changing the world all huddled in one little corner of town trying to make it to the big leagues. The tech black market. Cyberpunk Row. Guys who read too much Philip K Dick and listen to too much Daft Punk and deal in Brainiac circuit boards left over from Superman punch outs in the middle of town to build shrinking rays that blow up in their hands.

In the sixties, there were tons of these guys in Metropolis. About 50% of all Jimmy Olsen stories started with him going to interview one of these crackpots and getting turned into a porcupine or some such. Shit was awesome.

In my head, I put them all in one crowded little corner. The island of misfit scientists. Well intentioned genius idiots. Their elder statesman is Professor Potter. Hiro Okamura the android kid genius deserves his own back up in Action following his adventures there avoiding all the other weirdos trying to take him apart to get an eyeball full of Schott tech. Metallo and Reactron getting pissed because no one there will rebuild their murderous asses.

My Metropolis is fun as hell.

Friday, March 18, 2011

This is not terrible at all

Yes, this has been around the net for a few days and you all already know about it, but i just had to state publicly this is greatest thing that has ever happened.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some one's been flipping through the back issues!

I'm kinda proud of some of the old posts here. In cased you missed them, the best of SIB:


A Brief History of Superman comics. This is my favorite thing I ever did for SIB.

Why I am the internet's foremost authority on Terra Man.

A ridiculously long history of General Zod.

Man, i used to do all kinds of hatin' on John Byrne. (Although he did call me a mean name, once.)

This series of ten posts. The Worst Moments in Superman History.

The time I told the the internet that Luthor boned a dude.


I should have done more Perry White posts. I never followed through with the Lois Lane ones at all, but this panel is pretty great.

My own horn, it is tooted.

I'm vicariously proud of every single guest post. Thank you so much, guys. Related, some one once turned one my posts into a comic strip. How cool is that?

I beg to differ.

Superpunch is one of my favorite blogs ever in the history of evers. But John, the fella what runs it, is wrong about this one.

I see a Superman comfortable with himself, pausing for a moment to revel in his abilites casually, not disinterested in his city, but looking over his shoulder at the reader, inviting to share his few and far between moment of piece. Superman lives in the most urbanly developed place in his fictional world, but still gets to enjoy the sunrise, because he can be in the sky to see it. That cover is Superman sharing what it's like to be Superman with us, and it's amazing.

It's like Superman winking at us in the last panel of his comics in the sixties, and it makes me happy. We're in on it, you see. Because Superman wants us all to feel included some how.