Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Friday, March 26, 2010

And then Perry went through his 'creepy uncle' phase

I imagine Alice* was very upset.

*Perry's wife. Yes, my knowledge of the supporting characters of Superman's supporting characters impresses all the ladies.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some times that animal magnetism has its drawbacks

Because I'm feeling generous, choose your own snarky comment from me from this handy list!

1. Is she robbing the cradle, or is he robbing the grave?
2. Uh oh, Aunt May's acting out her nephew fantasies with one of the neighbor boys again.
3. How lonely, and how much gratitude was involved here exactly?
4. I bet some times he wishes he weren't "Mr Action."
5. Don't accidently hit the signal watch during. Superman doesn't need to see that.
6. I bet Turtle Boy's stayin' in his shell this go 'round.

Pencil to paper

Long time friend of SIB and all around fascinating individual Michael Netzer has a new site. The best part? After years of working digitally, he's putting pencil to paper again and he's now taking commissions. Seriously, this is a great opportunity to own some art by one of the best and most under-appreciated to ever work for the big two. Get him to draw something for you right away.

Monday, March 8, 2010


JMS is going to write Superman starting with issue 701. Booooo.

Goyer is going to write the new movie. Meh.

I went to Staple the other day. It was awesome, and I have stuff to share here when my camera's usb cable decides to present itself. I got to meet Chris and Curt in person. They're pretty damned great. Hey, fellas.

My birthday was last week, and there was much revelry as i have been off worka nd out and about. Yay!

Regular posts to resume when i return home, as i'm currently staying with family as renovations on my home are going on.