Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awww youtube

The lazy blogger's best friend. Next to the more interesting blogs of his friends, that is. Shamelessly stolen from Chris, a history of Superman in video games. SPOILER ALERT! They all suck.

Youc an read my review of the NES game here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What I've been up to

Most of my posts have been quickies and links to other sites lately. But not because I'm lazy, i swear! Real life has been hectic lately. I've been spending a lot less time at home. But my loyal readers are not forgotten! Neither one of you!

Some things I've been doing instead of updating in the last month or so:

I got this!

It's my favorite silver age story ever. I've wanted it since I saw one on the wall of a local comic shop for $300 in 1993 after reading about it in an article in Wizard that had several writers mention it as one of their favorite Superman stories. I don't think owning any comic short of an Action #1 could make me happier, and i got it for waaaaaaaaay less than $300. It's one of three Superman items I've wanted since i was 14 but couldn't find in my price range (the other two being a copy of George Lowther's novel and a Mego Supes in really good shape. I got the novel; the mego still eludes me.)

Let's see, I met David Mack at a con and got to thank him for participating in last year's charity fundraiser in person. He is one of the most amazingly nice guys you will ever meet.
This is the Superman he did for the auction. When Warner Bros made me pull the DC stuff I was going to return this to him, but he very generously let me keep it. I'm almost no longer bitter about my ex stealing all my Kabuki books as a result. No, I'm still bitter. I miss those.

Also at that con I bought a copy of At Earth's End for a quarter. It's part of my new campaign to collect every single copy of that book ever produced and mail them back to DC with a letter demanding a formal apology.

I met a girl. She's nice and has twice tried to steal SUPERDINO.

I'm working A LOT more. Nights at that. It stinks and I'm tired a lot and my work buddies keep tying to convince me to get a tattoo despite the fact that I'm 30 and that's way too old for the first tattoo.

There's been a lot of time spent with my family. Dwindling as we are we've all been making more time for one another.

I got a new pair of Converse All Stars. No one likes them but me because they are brown.

I finally found copies of two out of print Superman trade paperbacks I've been looking for, Eradication and Critical Condition. I'm very happy to finally have those.

And that's about it. Lots of nights out with friends, lots of working, lots of geek stuff. Same as it ever was, just more of it.

Also, I staged a fight between Wolverine, Storm Shadow and Boba Fett. The awesomeness was so much that it created its own gravity well and there was a partial multiverse collapse.

I'm all for

Anything that gets us more trades of the criminally underrated Kelly/Casey era of Superman comics, but James Sime points out the cover of the trade for Ending Battle:

Seriously, I LOVE Geoff Johns on Superman, but he gets billing over three other writers, every artist, AND Superman himself? Kind of a jerkass move towards the other creators, DC. Especially since it's mostly Kelly's story.

Still, buy this any way. It's good, and way better then the 10 times the Jurgens era did the 'War on Clark's personal life" story in their time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My face, it is rocked. Via.

Notice they got the shield wrong at the beginning?

Monday, May 11, 2009

I just like this image

Via CBR and my friend Jesus.

Are you a bug, Bill Murray?

I complain about the post-Byrne Superman a lot around here, so now I introduce a new semi-regular quickie feature: Things John Byrne got right. For example, Superman quoting Bill Murray from Ghostbusters? Pretty damned great.

The title of this post is a reference to this, by the by.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fortress of Nerditude

A while ago Chris posted a picture of his Superman themed shelf of graphic novels. I love seeing stuff like that. Maybe because I'm a dirty geek voyeur. So I'm gonna do it, too. Mine is probably a bit disappointing, because I think a lot of people assume my house to look like this guy's, but I keep a pretty small limit on what I actually do have displayed from my various Superman goo-gahs.

So this is it, the whole shebang. Every Superman shield openly displayed in my home.

Not a lot, huh? I've got more stuff, sillier stuff, but It's mostly boxed up and in storage. But I can at least give you a tour of what's out there now. (You can click on these for bigger versions if you wanna try to read the spines.)

Top floor, toys, movies and high art. My painting of Superman punching a robot by art philanthropist Ali Spagnola, a Brandon Routh Superman action figure, some Superman minimates, and the big fancy schmancy movie box set because i like the tin box.

Fifth Floor, ladies and seniors. My small handful of Supergirl/Powergirl trades, SUPERDINO! and MXYSAURAS!, a Superman valentine from the 40s, a gift from Larry Young of AIT, and a Golden Age Superman action figure and trade paperbacks.

Fourth Floor, the Silver Age. DC Direct's Silver Age Superman action figures and all my Silver Age /Pre Crisis trade paperbacks. Plus a silly little mego toy from the seventies because i like owning a Superman Toy older than me.

Third floor, post-Crisis. Byrne/Jurgens era on one side, Kelly/Loeb-Rucka/Azzarello eras on the other. Plus Superman, versions of Superman, and the Superman Family from Mattel's DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics lines.

Second Floor, modern continuity and classic evil. Trades of the post-Infinite Crisis Superman stuff, Johns and Busiek doin' it up right on one side, and Elseworlds/no specific continuity on the other. Figures are classic Superman villains from the Mattel lines (Zod and Mxy from DC Direct, but i think that fit well enough aesthetically with the other figures).

Ground Floor, Prose and the leaders of the new school in evil. More modern Superman villains from the Mattel lines. On one side prose non-fiction books about Superman, on the other, Superman novels.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The new Starro

Looks like this:

The old Starro looked like this:

Now if you ask me, some dude with an ax isn't half as scary or creepy as a primitive leviathan older than time sending out its spawn to violate my mind. Do you want this raping your face?

Yeah, i don't either. Old Starro > Frazetta stylee Starro, kids.

Unless that guy's just an example of a race enslaved by Starro. In which case, that's okay.

Ain't no tellin' when I'm down for a jack move

Let's Be Friends again has a new strip up. Word to your mother.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A million Hot Topic t-shirts rendered inert.

Jimmy Olsen just kicked the Joker's ass in about two seconds. And Batman's been fighting him with his billion dollar arsenal for 70 years. Suck on that, rich boy.

Oh well now that's just wrong

Superman has, on more than one occasion, fought a super villain called, and I swear I'm not making this up, The Purple Pile-Driver. And his powers are he's a penis.

A dude puts on a purple bodysuit, tops it with a bell shaped helmet, and uses it to penetrate things head first.

And he also occasionally spews things from his head at Superman.