Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haiku Reviews: Five random one shots

Because you guys love these silly things, haiku reviews return. This time the unifying theme is five random one shots I thought had funny/curious covers that were less than $3 at ye olde funnybooks shoppe.

Heroes Against Hunger

Seriously, Lex?
You really are a bastard.
That cover's just wrong.

Team Superman

Sidekicks save the day,
Supes claims all of the credit.
Bad form, Kal, bad form.

Superman For Earth

Polluting is bad?
The hell you say, Superman!
Little subtlety.

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Based on the full script,
Restores cut scenes and sub-plots.
Still fucking awful.

DC Comics Presents Superman: The Secret of The Phantom Quarterback

Two tales presented
Based on outrageous cover
This is a great book

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shamelessly stealing content

I don't know if I've mentioned to you guys. It's my favorite Superman site. The fellas what run it and populate the forums over there are all top notch. The forums have lots of interesting things going on, and if you're interested in more serious minded reviews than the dribble i spew forth here, you'll be wanting to read the blog regularly. It's great place, and you should all check it out.

If you don't believe me, here are five awesome things I found there in five minutes:

This horrifying link.

This animated gif:

This song, which is terrible and amazing.

This list of classic Superman stories which haven't seen reprinting.

This gallery of monster themed Superman covers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hell yeah, they did

I'd love and really appreciate if you guys wanted to contribute to this dump. So this is a call to every one out there reading this to do a guest post. Every single one of you and every single one of you who wants to invite others to do so.

The only criteria is that it be about a Superman related topic. That's it. It can be about how wrong I am about Byrne, how lame Superman is, how much you love him or wish you 'got' him. Whatever. It can even be a stick figure drawing in a cape if you want.

Get to work, you lazy bums. Please email anything you come up with to

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This has nothing to do with Superman

I just ate a dark chocolate bar. They're gritty and not as sweet or smooth as regular chocolate bars. I dislike them a great deal for that, but my dad, he likes them for exactly those reasons. I thought maybe I could tell myself I liked them while I ate that one, but, no. You're wrong, Pop, those things suck.

He died about an hour ago, my dad. I've mentioned here once or twice when I was a kid my parents weren't around much, but what I've never said is that as I got older my dad became one of the best friends I'll ever have and took care of me in a way I can only hope he knew I appreciated more than I could ever express.

You know why he was great? When I was unable to work or do much else, he saw me through it. He hugged me the first time I got my heart broken.

Oh wait, I can make this on topic, when Superman dying was in the papers and he heard it was selling out and hard to find, he went out and found me two copies of the bagged issue. He'd heard that it was more valuable sealed but he also want to see what was inside, heh. He didn't say so, but I've long suspected he paid way too much for them. When the electric Superman thing made the news, he saw it and said, "That's pretty stupid. We think that's stupid, right?" I assured him we did.

He never once laughed at the comic books and toys. In fact, my favorite story about him-

Once he and my mother were driving along and they go by a garage sale. My dad glances out the window and keeps driving then comes to a sudden halt and turns the car around. My mom freaks out and says "What's the matter!?" They stop at the garage sale and my dad says, "I saw a toy Tommy would want." And he did. Driving down the road, at a glance my dad some how recognized and knew I would want a Snake Mountain, Skeletor's evil lair. I can't even begin to imagine how he'd remember that thing from when I was a kid, but he did. So he brings his 22 year old son a big plastic playset for no other reason then he figured I'd think it was neat and the whole thing was so matter of fact to him. My mom was proud of him. I was impressed and it was a pretty big thing to me in a way I can't explain. But yeah. He was pretty damned cool some times.

I got my sarcasm and dark humor from him and those are the things a lot of people like best about me. I'm writing this here because I'm going to see my family soon, and it's going to be depressing and will suck and every one is going to be taking things ways too seriously. Way more seriously than he ever would. Since I can't play it for him any where else, I'm gonna share this song with you guys, because he thought it was hilarious.