Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Batman post

Some Batman related things, one of them even on topic for the blog:

Larry Young pointed this out to me via this link; Joe Shuster draws Batman.

Joe Shuster, and I say this as objectively as a Superman fanboy can, was far and away one of the best artists of the golden age. He had a distinct sense of style and design, and his work was never nearly so crude as a great many other comics of the late 30s/40s. There's a grace about his work.

In other news, holy heck The Dark Knight is awesome. Ledger's performance was brilliant, every second he's not on the screen you're just waiting for him to come back on. I think he may get too much credit for this version of the Joker, though. It's far from just the performance; the writers really created an iconic, creepy and just plain classic version of the character. They took everything that came before and added a tinge of realism. They didn't re-invent the wheel, they just made use of it in a very good way.

A lot of reviews I've read have mentioned how this surpasses its comic book origins and becomes a great crime movie. Well, duh. Batman's a superhero/crime book. He debuted in a title called "Detective Comics." I really thought this was one of the most comic booky movies I've ever seen, right up there with Iron Man in the sense of making me say that"Yup, this is the feeling i get from reading a really fun super hero comic."

Eckhart was also very good, as was Oldman. It's just a great, great movie. I also cannot guess what they're going to do for the third.

Finally, remember Every Issue Ever, SiB's sort of sister site? I do. The lady what runs it the mayor of lame town for abandoning it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So I have this box of collectibles

And I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they became toys again?" So I gave them to my sister's niece. About ten minutes later Superman had overthrown Castle Greyskull while Luke Skywalker and the Green Goblin fought it out to challenge his rule. Raphael the ninja turtle was there, but he was too busy looking longingly out the window to take part.

Things like this are why SiB exists. This kind of thing makes me love Superman.

This idea for a post comes to me

It seemed good and absolutely innocent when it occurred to me, then became the worst idea ever after a second's thought. I was going to take a picture with my phone of every superman shield i saw in a day. I counted the other day and stopped at a dozen and it was all pretty cool and varied. Tattoos, t-shirts, cars, toys kids were carrying.

Then I realized, to actually get photos would require me to stop and say to people "Could you ask your child to stand still so I can take a picture of him and put it on the internet?" and "Ma'am, could you please wait for a moment so I can get a picture of your chest? My interest is entirely in the bootleg "superbitch" t-shirt you're wearing, I assure you."