Friday, March 28, 2008

Grant Morrison is magic

In a lovely coincidence, the latest issue of All Star Superman features Superman helping out some sick kids.

I am now absolutely convinced All Star Superman is being written just for me.

This however, is an update- J Scott Campbell has volunteered, and Larry Young has added his support with a generous donation, and Josh Elder, of Mail Order Ninja and Batman Strikes has pledged both money and a great deal of his efforts to the fundraiser. These guys are awesome and I'm amazed at how this is all taking off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Updates, I got 'em

Okay, as of this writing I think I've gotten in touch with every volunteer. If you've contacted me and not received a reply, I suck and please give it another shot.

There are a couple of big announcements that are iffy right now so I can't say anything about them yet. And I wanna, too, 'cause I'm all excited.

A number of volunteers will be present at next month's New York Comic Con and have said they would spread the word there. If any one has any idea of how we can promote there, please share as I'd love to hear your ideas. Also, if you'll be attending, please leave a reply to this post so every one can get an idea of who is gonna be there.

Also, SIB's normal content is on hold for the two of you that asked. It'll be back though, so you'll get your post about how great Super-Turtle is and such eventually. I should draw Super-Turtle for the auction. I bet it'd sell better than everything else combined.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The first couple of donations

A preview of what's to come, a couple of pieces being donated to the auctions.

From sculptor Tommy Allison-

And from Tom Beland. It's from the third issue of the Image volume of True Story, Swear To God - (click to enlarge)

How cool is that?

Thank you gentlemen, so much. Start saving your pennies guys, there is going to be some amazing stuff for sale.

Update, the third one

More things:

Suggestions for names for this little 'event' are welcome, because after I made the 'this needs a snappier name' comment lots of people said 'it sure does!' Well, 3 people said that, but 3 is lots if you've a very wide definition of the word.

I am behind on emails, but catching up. Please don't think you're being overlooked.

Ben's doing okay, for those of you who have asked. Thanks for caring.

Others have asked "What does he think of all this?" I asked him. He said, 'Oh, it's cool.' Then he went back to playing Halo. He's 12. Very into blowing up aliens, he is.

That's all for now. But there will be more soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ben's Charity Auction (this needs a snappier name) Update 2

Things are going really well. Thank you so much guys. A few things:

The artist list is updated. Take a look, there's some names you know on it, and some you may not that are awesome.

First, a quick clarification. None of the proceeds are going to my nephew, my family or me. This is all being donated to the Candlelighters organization.

I think I'm all caught up on responses to emails, but I noticed too late that some good emails got shifted to my spam folder. So If you've not heard back from me, I'm really sorry, and please email again.

Artists! Some of you have said "I'm not really a comic artist..." Not a problem! We've got sculptors, graffiti artists, and guys who make sock puppets. If you think it'll help, I'm glad to have it and you're awesome for sharing your talents.

Some people have emailed me saying "I can't draw, but I would still like to help." There's a couple of things you can do. Ask artists you know of to chip in. Alert people you know who might be into buying some of the pieces. Continue to spread the link around.

It's also been suggested that since the actual auctions will be going up around Free Comic Book Day that some flyers be made for putting in funnybooks stores. That's not a bad idea, so ask your local comic shop if it's cool if you leave a few flyers in the windows and on the counters the week of FCBD.

Related to that, can any one design a flyer for me?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ben's charity auction update

A list of participating artists, for those interested. (More are always welcome, so bug your favorite artists, professional, amateur, in-between, and please keep spreading the link around.)


Jim Muniz is the artist for Marvel's Last Defenders and worked on Marvel Knights 4, which was a really good book that I actually miss.
Jim MacQuarrie draws strips about geek stuff. I find that very cool, cause I'm a geek.
Paul Salvi draws weird cartoons. Cool weird, not just weird weird.
Eric Stettmeir's art makes me smile when I look at it.
Sarah Shemilt is a photographer. She also seems very nice.
Erin Jameson made something she called "girly" and informed me you should tell your girlfriends about it. She probably didn't mean it if you're a straight girl or a gay guy, though. In that case you should tell your boyfriends.
Matt Hansel loves Adam West.
Marcus Kelligrew may love Adam West as well, I'm not certain. He does like Captain America though. All of 'em.

And thanks to a very generous donation by Larry Young, original art from these awesome fellows will be raising money to help out-
Brian Wood of Channel Zero, DMZ (my favorite work of his) and tons of other cool stuff.
Darick Robertson co-created Transmetropolitan. He did lots of other stuff, but Transmet was awesome so I'm pointing that out.
Charlie Adlard has been a part of two of the coolest comics going, Astronauts In Trouble and The Walking Dead.
Manny Bello, of Dugout and Hench with Adam Beechen. This piece is awesome. Seriously guys, I'll preview this one soon.
Jeff Parker is amazing. He's doing all kinds of stuff for marvel these days.
Judd Winnick is famous. He was on TV, writes all kinds of stuff for DC and his own projects. You may have heard of him.
Tony Talbert drew First Moon. And We have a stunning page from it.

Marty Allen Marty Makes really cool sock puppets.
Richard Basey doesn't have an online portfolio. Get on that!
Tommy Allison is an amazingly talented sculptor.
Tom Beland is the creator of True Story, Swear To God currently published by Image Comics. He's more open and forthright in one issue than I think I could ever be. That's brave.
J Scott Campbell of Gen 13, Danger Girl, Wildsiderz, and is one of my favorite artists ever.
Evan Dorkin is the man, having created Milk and Cheese, Dork, Bif Bam Pow and a ton of other things.
Brian Denham did Iron Man, Hypervelocity, worked on Thunderbolts, Nova and a lot of other things.
Joe England draws Zebra Girl, which is all kinds of creepy cool.
Ryan Estrada is an outstanding cartoonist and adventurer. Adventures are awesome and I recommend you have one.
Jesse Farrell is an amazing sculptor and a very good friend.
Gary Fields simply draws some of the coolest cartoons I've ever seen.
James Figueiredo is my friend and one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. Plus he draws up some awesome cartoons.
Chris Haley is cooler than me. Not that that is a huge accomplishment, but it's true. He's a really talented artist, and I'm glad SIB allowed me to meet him.
Erin Jameson, who has promised something girly. Which is cute and hilarious.
Matt Linton kinda smells, but that's okay. He draws Monk and Shadowtown. He's also my friend.
David Mack is famous for Kabuki and Daredevil. His stuff is amazing.
Alex Maleev drew my favorite run on Daredevil ever and is a nice guy. Can you believe some of the names I'm getting for this?
Adam Murray draws drastic comics and is Irish.
Wyatt Owens didn't link me to his work. But he did volunteer to share his time and efforts, so I think links are overrated.
Chet Presley loans me comics all the time. He's also an artist. Both of those things are very cool.
Declan Shalvey does awesome things with stark black and whites. If I could draw I would want to draw like him.
Dean Trippe is one of the best artists I've ever seen do comic related material.
Thom Zahler draws Love and Capes and has alway been very kind to me. He's also written for this blog. Try to not hold that against him.

Details continue to be hammered out, and as things are now, it's going something like this-

You do a piece or offer a commission, I stick it on ebay. You can then send the piece to me or directly to the winner of the auction. Ebay has a system in place specifically for charity auctions to keep everything on the up and up.

What kind of piece you do would be entirely up to you; subject, medium, what have you, or up to you and the buyer should you offer a commission. The time frame would be some time before the end of April for pre-done pieces for auctioning the first week of May.

And if you wouldn't mind, I'd also like permission to publish your name on my blog with other participating artists and a link to your portfolio if you don't mind.

I feel like I should mention this:

This is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Time Warner. I'm just some dude. My silly little fansite about my favorite character was just the best way i knew how to get the word out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something worth doing

This is the post that's getting all the links, so I'll be putting links to updates here at the top.

The details of how everything's going to work, including a constantly updated list of participating artists can be found here.

A preview of some of the items donated.

Those of you that have been reading for a while have seen me mention my nephew Ben lots of times. He's this guy.

He's a spoiled little booger. Sadly, he's a spoiled little booger that had a cancerous brain tumor removed last June. In the months since then he's been through a lot. Fortunately, we're on the better side of the worst bits now. Chemo and radiation are done; surgeries and MRI's are past. It was a hard time for my family. I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but not dying is expensive. And when things got bad, there was an organization that helped us out a lot, the Candlelighters. They provide counseling, money for everything from groceries and gas to validating parking. They were a huge help, and are an amzing group.

Starting with official pals of SIB Thom Zahler and Jesse Farrell, I'm getting in contact with as many artists as I can for a charity project to help raise money to help the families of kids with cancer. Both of these brilliant fellows are donating commissions of their work to be auctioned off on ebay. (The candlelighters are part of ebay's charity auction program. Ebay actually makes charity auctions really safe and easy, so I'm quite happy about that. They make it way more trustworthy than I.) I need your help in contacting other artists; professional, amateur, folks who like to doodle stick figures on post-its, to add their talents. Finished pieces, commissions, anything they'd like to contribute.

This blog has a tiny readership I know. Because of that the end result will likely be shamefully nonrepresentational of the amazing talents of the folks who donate their time and art, but hey, even if we get just a few dollars we'll have done something good, i think. So please spread this link around, contact folks you think may be able to help. Artists, folks who would be interested in buying, any one.

I can be contacted at if you'd like to take part.

More will be posted as things develop.

What's all this got to do with a Superman blog, you ask? Well, he helps folks too, doesn't he?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday swag!

It's officially my birthday. And I got the neatest card ever!

James is the mayor of cool town.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

If you've ever wondered what diabetes looks like

My birthday is tomorrow! Monday birthdays are awkward so most of the celebrating is done already. My sister works at a supermarket bakery and she made me a cake surrounded by cupcakes and made of 12 pounds of icing.

Each cupcake had, and I do not exaggerate, 4 inches of icing. It hurt my teeth to look at. This is it with several removed so you can see the actual cake. My friend Mino actually ate one of the cupcakes without dumping the icing off first.

He later exploded.

Also, please do not accept the cake's invitation to call me Tom. I hate being called that.