Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, I know I'm a lazy so and so.

I've been meaning to update, but I've got so much going on right now. I finally found a new job that I've mixed feelings about, I've been prepping for a move, I got a bad haircut, I've been sick, and lots more stuff. Crazyness abounds.

You know what? I can't lie to you folks. I've just been too busy playing with new GI Joe toys (which are awesome) and watching the Clinton/Obama stuff like a bored house wife watches Passions.

I am doing SIB related stuff, though. I've been getting the Mxy thing ready to go, and I've been working on a big project that involves some classy artist folks.

So, how're you guys?

Friday, February 22, 2008


I feel like the Unabomber. I ready sinister parcels! So about eight years ago or so DC Direct, DC Comics' toy company, made a plush Mister Mxyzptlk. He's a really neat little toy. Unfortunately, he was an expensive neat little toy, and one not much in demand. So he sat on shelves and in warehouses longing for a home. I recently had the chance to get sixteen of them for less than a dollar each, and pretty much had to. I was compelled. They originally retailed for $15! I know a bargain when I see one.

So what the hell am I gonna do with sixteen eight inch plush spacemen? Well, I'm gonna keep a couple. Thirteen of them though! I have a plan for those!

The plan:

Take thirteen Mxys, and leave them laying around in a spot they're likely to be picked up by some curious person with a note that reads:


I am a Mxyzptlk* toy! I am one of 13 identical toys left all over the country. If you don't know who Mxyzptlk is, he's a odd little man who comes from another dimension to play pranks on Superman in the comic books and cartoons. It's all very silly.

Why did you just find one in some random spot? Why not! I thought it'd be fun if some friends and I left some silly little spaceman toys out for folks to find and see if they give people a laugh.

You have found Mxy #__. If you'd like, we'd love to hear from you! Drop an email to just to say hello, or if you feel like doing something sill, try one of the other things people suggested in plotting this whole thing- tell us where you found him, share pictures of you and Mxy or of Mxy as your dog's brand new chew toy, tell us how dumb you think this whole thing is, leave him in a new spot with this note and one one of your own. Any thing you care to share or do with the thing.

*Pronounced Mix-yeez-pittle-ick.

Yes, I realize a lot of them will just end up tossed out, but if just a couple people get a laugh out of it and say hi I'll call it a success.

I think it'd be kind of boring to leave them all in my home town, so I wanted to send at least 8 or 9 of them out there to you guys to leave some where around your town. Now obviously they can't just be left any where. Leave them on a bus or in a movie theater or some such and they're just gonna get tossed out when they get their clean up walk throughs. I was thinking the best places would be in book stores or generally kind of yuppie places where hipsters hang out, because they're the most likely to play along. Hipsters love the internet, you know. But any place you think some one may pick him up and laugh would be awesome. Airports would probably be the worst idea ever.

Also, I'd love pictures of you planting Mxy where ever you decide to leave him. I just think they'd be neat to have. So, if you want a Mxy to plant some where, just send an email to let me know.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

There's a new Terra-Man!

You'd think no one would care but me! But no! Some one pointed this out to me in an email after noticing his absence here! Thank you Mr Johnston. The Legion of Super Heroes cartoon introduced a new version of Terra-Man in the semi-recent episode Unnatural Alliances. This is probably going to seem way more complicated than it actually is, but here we go any way:

The Legion of Super Heroes is about a team of teenage super heroes that formed a thousand years in our future inspired by Superman. In the cartoon, a new character was introduced called Superman X. Superman X is a clone of Superman from even farther in the future who chases a villain from his apocalyptic time back to the Legion's time. Also from that future? A new version of Terra-Man.

No detailed origin is given for him. He's a self-repairing android; but still a cowboy, still flying around in space, still with blasting away with highly advanced weapons. He leads a pack of nameless other cowboy inspired robot thugs. He's pretty cool. His role in the story is pretty much that of a Terminator; sent back to the Legion's time to alter the future by eliminating some one instrumental to it. He's pretty cool.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm moving

Not for another few months. But knowing the move is coming, I'm packing up things I don't use day to day a little at a time so I don't have to do it all at once later. Today the Superman toys went into a box. But not before I took a picture of Lex Luthor and General Zod beating up a little kid for his lunch money. Enjoy.

Hello, large volume of new traffic

I've gotten a lot of new traffic after Neatorama (one of my favorite sites ever) picked up on a link to the Justice Heroes League through Chris Haley and Superpunch. I just wanted to say hi to every one still reading and spending time in the archives. Have a look around and learn some pointless Superman trivia, enjoy my repetitive humor, and marvel at my unhealthy obsession with Terra Man*.

*Which hasn't gone so far as to me putting up my proposal for a Terra Man mini series here. Yet.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

James Robinson on Superman

That's not news at this point, but lots of people have asked if I'm excited about it.

I dunno. I don't really know his work. I never read Starman. I know, I'm a terrible person.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Comic Strip Hero

A documentary about Superman produced by the BBC around the time of Superman II. It features interviews with Siegel and Shuster, Kirk Alyn, Christopher Reeve, and Margot Kidder.

Surprisingly, it also features Dr Frederic Wertham (Yeah, him. The fella what wrote Seduction of the Innocent), Will Eisner, Trina Robbins, Art Spiegelman, David Prowse (the guy in the Darth Vader costume) and his ego, Larry Niven (who has given waaaaaaay to much too Superman's sex life), and other folks I've never heard of.

It's not exactly reverent. In fact, it's pretty critical in tone. Some times subtly, other times, not so much. But it's interesting.

This part features the world's least subtle commentary on America and consumerism/merchandising. I had to laugh at that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kurt Busiek says goodbye to Superman

Newsarama interview with Kurt discussing his departure from the title. For those who want to know why I'm always going on about how much I love his work on the book, it's because he approached the character like this:

The Superman we saw over the last couple of years in Superman was a confident, heroic guy, one who didn't wallow in angst but wasn't an overbearing jerk -- he was a pretty classic approach to Superman, a guy who does the right thing because he believes in it and was raised in those kinds of values. We tried to face him with problems that didn't have easy solutions, but the way he reacted to them was to try to find solutions anyway, not by complaining about the job he'd taken on. It's a big job, but he's up for the challenge, and he doesn't give in to despair or weltschmerz. He pursues a solution until he finds it.

Wherein SIB peaks

Seriously, I will never post anything better than this. Never has this image been more apropos:

A recent thread at the Superman Fan message boards reminded me of something I'd stumbled across a while ago and forgotten about. This comes to you thanks to the genius that is one of my favorite blogs ever, Way Out Junk. Tony has amassed tons of old crazy records and shares them with us, and they're amazing. I now share with you my favorite, the greatest record in the history of pop music. Recorded in 1966 featuring songs about and by characters in the Superman Family, A Children's Treasury of Superman Musical Stories.

It's only half an hour long. Half an hour of AMAZING. The sound? Imagine the song "5 o'clock World" had a glorious, beautiful baby with the Adam West Batman theme then that child was raised on a commune of 60s game show themes. I will never be half as hip as this record.

If you only listen to a few songs, make them "Lois Lane" making amazing strides for feminism; "I Don't Want To Go Back," & "Mr Mxyzptlk" which are just AWESOME; and "Jimmy Olsen," sung with love by Lucy Lane.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A fresh coat of paint

If you've looked at some of the older posts they may be slightly different than you recall. A lot of things around here are, quite frankly, poorly written. I'm attempting to fix that. Nothing's being redone completely, just an unclear paragraph here or something awkwardly summarized there.

I'm also removing a some of the harsher language I've used. I've decided to go somewhat clean and make the blog PG because really, no kids are reading this, but these are kids characters. It seems like the thing to do. In the interests of keeping a consistent tone, that means altering some of the older stuff a bit.

Some of the things included in the 10 worst series and my Terra Man profile were the first to get the whitewash. They're better for it, I think.

One other thing, the character profiles. You guys seem to like those, and I enjoy them as well. Is there any character you'd like a run down on? I did Zod and Supergirl because so many people are confused (and rightly so) by their convoluted histories. You saw a brief history of Terra Man because some one asked (probably jokingly), but I thought it'd be fun since I love the character and there's not much out there about him. So if there is any one whose past you'd like cleared up or a minor character you'd like to know about, I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Folks who know the score: Michael Netzer

Michael Netzer, formerly Mike Nasser, is one of the most underrated artists ever. His work in the 70s and 80s was easily on the level of Neal Adams and Jim Aparo. Unfortunately, there isn't a great deal of his work out there. That makes me very sad. He hasn't done huge amounts of work with the Superman Family, but when he did, he definitely got it right. Mike's been mentioned here before, when he contributed his time and efforts to a silly interview and even some remastered art. I won't go on about that again, but do go back and take a look. It's really great stuff and discusses at length Netzer's most famous work with Superman.

Most of Mike's work on Superman Family related stuff was in Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. My favorite work of his, what best shows what I love about it, was a Mon El solo story. A few pages-

Expressive faces, fluid action, a big sense of adventure. Everything a you could want in a super hero comic. I wish more comics felt this big. That's just a small look at what he can do. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

I talked with Mike a little about Superman, and more than anything, his thoughts had a sense of hope around the character, and that's what the character is all about.

Plus, his Supergirl is hot, heh.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not one to leave well enough alone

If you guys were reading around the holidays, you know I got the greatest gift ever from my best friend's son and daughter, SUPERDINO!

Superdino came with a little naked dinosaur pal. I always felt bad for the little guy. So today in a fit of boredom, I fixed that with the help of an extra DC direct plush toy that I gutted mercilessly. I give you, MXYSAURAS!

What's that? Yes, I'm certain I'm a grown man. How strange of you to ask.

Romance, thy name is Olsen

What does Jimmy do when his lady's upset?

He writes her name on the moon. Playa.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Ten Worst Moments in Superman History

Long time readers have been weirded out, appalled and bored by this series for a while now. Well, here it is in all its glory.

Why did the last two parts take so long? Well, they were things I've already covered here at SIB when this site first started up and I wasn't sure how to handle their inclusion in this series. Should I retread that ground? Repost the earlier entries? In the end, I decided to just update the old entries a bit and add the 10 worst header.

Finally in its entirety, what I feel to be the ten worst ideas in Superman history (in no particular order):

You can see them all on the same page here, or you can see them individually by following the links below:

"You know what Superman's rogues gallery is missing? Child-murdering pedophiles."

"Give him a very large gun. Oh, and put some Nazis in it. It'll be awesome."

"Grant Morrison? Pssh, that guy's got nothin' for us."

"He's an icon that's lasted decades the world over as is, but! What if we made him blue? I just blew your mind, didn't I?"

The musical. That's right. And there's video.

"I heard a rumor once that women are people, just like men! That's just silly."

"Code against killing? Can't just be because it's wrong! That needs some splainin'."

"Hey, let's put him in porn with another super-hero's wife!"

"You know what'd be hilarious? If we got him drunk!" "You're drunk right now, aren't you?"


So why didn't I include Superman IV? Honestly, horrible as it is (and it is god-freaking-awful) it always just kind of struck me as harmlessly stupid. It didn't kill the franchise, there were sequels in the works and eventually we got one, and it lived on in several tv series and such. There's nothing that's just flat out offensive about it, I don't think. Just bad. Very, very bad.

And please keep in mind, this list by no means makes claims to being definitive and absolute. If you loved anything herein, I'm glad there's something in the Superman mythos that's brought you joy. This is just my personal opinion based on the Superman lore I've been exposed to over the years.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I went to the flea market! What did I find? The greatest superhero team ever!


With Spider-bat!

With poorly translated name and weird arrow thing!

With slightly less suck!

With appalling show of poor taste!

With light up and roaring action and more awesome than you can handle!

Best three bucks I ever spent.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A disturbing look into the psyche of young Thomas

See that cover? When I was a kid I thought that drawing of Lois was really hot. Yeah. That's completely irrelevant to the point of this post. I just thought you'd get a laugh at what a weird little kid I was.

No, I'm posting because I've gotten some very nice emails asking how I am since I said I didn't have much energy to devote to the blog. I wanted to thank every one for that and say things are stabilizing and looking as though they may actually start getting better. So, strange as this is to say, please don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'll probably even start updating again soon, because it looks like I'll have regular internet access longer than I thought.

I was even considering starting up a second blog and doubling my online 'work.'

So yeah. Things is okay. I hope your things is okay, too.