Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warner Bros is cancelling the Superman auctions

First and foremost, at its core, this is all about helping out some kids. So donate some money to the candlelieghters while you're here.

Also, follow the link at the end of the post for lots more information about what's going on here.

I messed up. I just got notice that two of the Superman related auctions have been removed from the site and the rest are probably next. I don't know what to do now. I have to start canceling auctions and issuing refunds. That means all the fees and such I'm now responsible for which is money i just don't have, and I have no idea if I'm still obligated to the middleman ebay uses for their charity auctions.

I've gone ahead and canceled the auctions still running that featured Warner Bros properties. I'm not sure what to do about the ones (like the ones that were canceled by DC) that are already completed. I'll be talking to ebay, paypal, missionfish (the people that handle ebay's charity donations) the artists and auction winners.

ALL ARTISTS! If you have done a DC comics related piece, DO NOT MAIL IT! KEEP IT! If I already have it, I'll ship it back to you ASAP. Or, if your piece is not DC related and you just don't want to part of this any more for whatever reason, please say so. I'll understand completely.

I am heartbroken. I am really sorry to any one this is any trouble for. Legally, I was in the wrong. I used their intellectual property without their permission. I'm not going to play the victim on that front. I swear I just wanted to do something good.

My most sincere apologies to every one involved; artists, buyers and people who helped me promote the auctions.

Edit- You can read all the posts I've made about what's going on by clicking here.


Matt said...

That's really terrible. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't understand how it's any different from artists doing commissions of DC characters, which they do all the time. Let me know if you need any help.

Evan said...

I don't understand this either, there have been plenty of publicized auctions for charity involving known properties. I never heard of them being cleared or anything. Perhaps it was the Superman image in the listings, and the references to the character that pushed it over the top for some lawyer? Or that Warners just plain sucks..?

paperghost said...

On the bright side, DC haven't published anything decent since 52. So there's that.

Still, a terrible, blundering decision made by someone who probably picks up a commission for every IP infringement he shuts down - in this case, at the expense of children with cancer! Warner sure backed a winner there!

william said...

It does not surprise me at all. Time Warner is rapidly losing touch with most Americans and now, as this action shows, with most humans. I will immediately 'cease and desist' from interfacing with ANY Time Warner products. What a bunch of suited goons.

Pat Cashin said...

I have been a loyal DC fan since I learned to read in the first grade. This is absolutely inexcusable.

I'm not buying another DC book until they make this right.

Rachel said...

Oh, for the love of...
Obviously the pictures are gone from the auction for good; but is there anything we can do to help recoup the costs?
I suspect that a lot of comics sites and creators would be more than happy to help out--with the notable exception of Warner Bros., the people in this industry generally do their damnedest to take care of their own...

The Werle said...

I was winning on a totally amazing Superman piece, this breaks my heart.

Alexandre Mandarino said...

Wow... This is bizarre even for corporate goon suits.

Well, DC has been selling less and less each day. Talk about bad karma.

Cal said...

This could very well be due to the lawsuit that has been going on. DC's ownership of Superman is in murky waters right now, and someone in the legal department probably jumped the gun on this.

Still, they'd best do something if they don't want a small backlash.

Rick's Time On Earth said...

Shame on DC and WB. It shows the dollar sign is far more important than health and life to some people. I suggest you contact Marvel Comics and explain what happened and I'll bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by the HUMANS that work there.

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