Thursday, May 15, 2008

I heard from Warner Bros.

Late last night, one of the two auctions that got canceled was re-instated. Just one. I sent another email to the WB, not expecting a response because I didn't get one from the last two emails.

I sent them this after seeing the auction was reinstated-

Hi, I'm Thomas Denton. I recently emailed you (and believe a number of emails were sent on my behalf, and apologize for any confusion that may have caused) about two ebay items that were pulled due to trademark infringement concerns. (ebay user ID mistermxy).

I just received notice that one of them has been allowed to go ahead, for which I am very grateful. The full situation was this: I organized an auction where many professional and amateur artists donated some of their original work with the intention of donating all the proceeds to the candlelighters ( It was an entirely non-profit venture. Many of the auctions, all original works, featured characters owned by your subsidiary DC Comics. After the auctions were canceled, I pulled all auctions relating to your properties. Would I be allowed to relist all of them?

In response, I got this-

Dear Mr. Denton:

We made a exemption for the item that was relisted.

Thank you,

Craig M. Hoffman


Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Technical Operations

Corporate Communications

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

So it seems I'm allowed to sell that one item. And WB does not respect grammar. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that this wasn't just ignored by the WB altogether.

This is the item I'm allowed to sell:

I'll be emailing Paul Salvi, the artist, to ask him what he'd like to do. If he wants to try again, we'll be putting it up as a special lone piece as something of a finale to all the auctions. Some of which are still going, by the way. Buy some stuff! Help some kids!

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