Friday, May 2, 2008

Ben's Charity Art Auction official information

A series of auctions featuring original art from many, many artists; pro, amateur and in between.

My nephew Ben got sick, and an organization called the Candlelighters helped our family out. I'd like to try to help others. Proceeds from the auction are going to the Candlelighters.

The auctions start May 3, 2008 on ebay under the user name MisterMxy (links to the listing can be seen here as well).

You can see many (but far from all!) of the great pieces already donated by clicking here.

If you're an artist, there's still time to participate! Just get me a scan of what you'd like to donate by May 9, or scans of your previous work if you'd like to offer a commission. Details can be read at the bottom of this post.

BIG GIANT IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ARTISTS! There are so many donations a second round of auctions will be going up as soon as the first batch ends! So if you'd like to participate, you've got another week to get a scan in of your donation!

A list of participating artists can be seen here.

I'd also like every one who reads this to download this flier and ask your local comic shop to put it in their window or to let you leave a small stack of them laying around the shop some where. You can also ask artists to donate something! There's still time!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all at


Marcus Kelligrew said...

Hey, Thomas,
I just sent you my piece via e-mail. I hope you like it!

Tom Beland said...

On all the sites, including this one, there are no links to the ebay auctions. This really needs to be fixed quick.

thomas said...

When you come to the main page here the first thing you see is a series of links to the suctions.

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