Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ho ho ho

I hope your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or what ever brings you joy this time of year has been absolutely brilliant, guys.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One more thing

I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but I am lazy like a sloth on Valium.

Go to Chris Haley's blog! Do it now! I mentioned it in the last mailbag post, but thought I'd draw your attention to it again. It's really fun and has tons of cool stuff. Chris is a smart, funny guy and he draws neat stuff. Like all these Superman drawings I'm stealing from there shamelessly!

Neat, huh?

The greatest gift EVER

Updates will be sporadic for the rest of the holiday, but I had to mention this:

My friend's family wasn't sure what they were going to get me for Christmas. They had no ideas at all. So they left it up to their daughter. Being a 9 year old girl, she said "Let's go to Build-A-Bear!" What would a Build-A-Bear, a pink place of teddy bears, ponies and little frilly dresses for said bears and ponies, have for a man nearly 30 years old?

A DINOSAUR IN A SUPERMAN COSTUME! Her baby brother added the stuffing and she dressed him so they made it together. And he is awesome.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Superhero party

The original not ready for prime-time players play super-heroes. It's... awkward. But Bill Murray in a Superman costume and Margot Kidder stumbling through half recalled lines is worth something, right?

Friday, December 14, 2007

If you need an outift to get drunk and spit whisky at children in

Christopher Reeve's evil Superman costume from Superman III is on ebay.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two hundred

This is SIB's two hundredth post. I've been doing this for about 8 or 9 months now. I figured I'd do it for a couple of weeks and give up, but you guys read it and said it was fun and that makes me happy. If you're reading this, you've my sincerest thanks for checking out my silly drivel.

For the One Hundredth post, I listed 100 things about Superman I loved. I thought about another hundred for this one, but I'm a lazy, lazy man. So I came up with another idea.

Seeing as how it's the end of the year, I thought I'd link you guys to the posts here that I think best represent the site; for those that have showed up recently and for those who may have missed them the first time around.

I'll start with some attempts at funny:

There's Lovely Ladies, a look back at Superman's love life. It was the first post here I ever called my favorite.

I did a post about the period where Supergirl changed her costume every couple issues. See me ridicule the artistic vision of 10 year olds.

I wrote about the time two male villains got it on whilst only one was aware there were two sets of y chromosomes involved. That one got me a lot of links, heh.

FIGHT! Silly pictures of my toys. The Luthor/Charlie Brown is the best thing I've ever done ever.

There's some funny stuff in the 10 worst moments series. Particularly the musical. I'll have the last two of those up soon.

My review of the NES Superman game is worth a chuckle or two.

Finally, there's the look at Superman in pop music I did. I like this one a lot. I think i was the only one.

Informative stuff:

In the K-Metal from Krypton parts one and two you can learn about lesser known forms of kryptonite. They're pretty amusing and one of the most popular things I've done here.

It could have been worse parts one and two were pretty cool, I think. One's a look at the changes Byrne had in mind for his revamp but didn't use, the second's all about the failed attempts at making a Superman V.

In a weird way, I'm kind of proud of the character histories I put together for Zod, Supergirl and Terra Man.

These quick looks at Superman analogs and alternate universe takes on the character are kinda neat.

I started a series called Evil! where I look at the greatest moments of Superman's rogues gallery. It's still pretty short, but the Luthor one is the best. I'll be continuing this one soon.

Stuff others have contributed:

The Word Association Game posts are pretty cool. Creators tell me what they think of Ron Troupe. Heh.

I loved the stick figures you guys did for me. Thank you for those.

Mr Torres claims Vibe is cooler than Superman. I claim Mr Torres is insane.

Thom Z learned how to lie from Supes. He should be ashamed.

So there we go. A look back at SIB's first (almost a) year. SIB: Only 70% or so is terrible! Thank you again for reading, ladies and gentlemen.

Look, I know you grew up in a different time and all...

But seriously, that's kinda racist, Perry.

It could have been worse: addendum

A while back I walked you through the amazing journey that ultimately led to Superman Returns. The trip included invasions from Krypton, giant spiders, fierce battle logos and Kevin Smith. Apparently, that journey was not unique, as Superman movie treatments that just scream "Maybe Richard Pryor isn't so terrible," are not new.

I link you to Ilya Salkind's outline for Superman 3, courtesy of Superman Cinema. (Thanks to Guan for linking me.)

Some highlights include Superman in love with Supergirl, Brainiac being Supergirl's adoptive father AND in love with her, Mxy showing up out of no where in the middle of the movie, Superman jousting, and my favorite bit, a trip back in time to Brainiac's castle in feudal Europe. Yeah. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SIB Presents Thom Zahler Presenting DC Comics Presents

I was going to write something about one of my favorite comics ever, the old Superman Team up title DC Comics Presents. Then Thom emailed me that very thing, only much better than the one I was working on. The show off. So read this, because it celebrates something great about Superman comics, and that makes me happy.

I don’t want to be That Guy. The Guy who says “Oh, things were better in my day” or “we had it better”. The past always seems better when viewed through the lens of nostalgia. But, for just a moment, I’m going to put on that That Guy Hat and spin you a tale of the Superman That Was.

There are a lot of good things that have come out of the post-Crisis Superman revamp. Clark became a reporter, I kind of like Ma and Pa still being alive, and they did knock him down powerwise so he wasn’t pushing planets around. Well, except in Superman: The Earth Stealers but the less said about that, the better.

But there’s plenty of stuff that I do miss. Nightwing and Flamebird. Rainbow Kryptonites. And DC Comics Presents...

DC Comics Presents was the first comic I ever subscribed to. I don’t know why, it was just always there. My brother got the first couple of issues. I got #4 when I went to the hospital to get some childhood operation done. Somehow, I got the brilliant idea to subscribe to it, and I did.

The book was the Superman version of Brave and the Bold. It was the Superman team-up book, and it was inherently cooler since it was, you know, Superman. Unlike Brave and the Bold, the Superman book used rotating teams (excepting the book’s first year, which featured some good Marty Pasko stories and great Jose Luis Garcia Lopez artwork) of artists and writers.

I don’t think you could do that today. Continuity reigns supreme, and it’d be tied into some Crisis on Infinite Issues or something. You’d be told that readers wouldn’t support such a concept. And back then, Superman was such a universal concept that there was always some new facet to focus on.

Think of it: A Superman story written by Alan Moore one month, and then Roy Thomas the next and so on. Art by Joe Kubert or Klaus Janson or Jim Starlin or whoever. How freakin’ cool was that? You could get a new, fresh take on Superman, with an artist who rarely if ever drew him and get that every month?

It must have been a pretty successful book back in the day, too. DC used to do these 8 or 16 page “Pull out previews” that launched a new book. The Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans appeared in DCCP#26. He introduced He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to DC. Heck, DCCP was so powerful that Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, teamed up with Superman in the middle of her first mini-series. (Well, maxi-series as they were called back then.) Try getting anyone to do that now.

And yes, I know that these team-up books were used to keep copyright on otherwise languishing characters. I don’t care. There were some great characters, and great teamings, in there. He teamed up with Deadman, the Metal Men, Swamp Thing, Dial H For Hero, Omac, Hawkgirl (without Hawkman), the Atomic Knights and the Joker (before he was a mass murderer). Heck, he teamed up with Santa Claus. And Superboy. And Clark Kent. Twice.

You’d think that such a title would have, by it’s very nature, had little impact on the Superman legend, right? Well, let’s do a little Superman History Hit Parade. You know what cool things came out of this Superman title? Mongul. Warworld. Superboy-Prime (in his not insane days). Wonder Woman’s new uniform. Ambush Bug. Allexander Luthor of Earth-3. The Global Guardians. Kristen Wells made her first comic book appearance in DCCP. And she became Superwoman in a later issue... a character so cool that she was only seen one other time.

Seriously, she was pretty cool. Wish they had done something with her.

Heck, DC Comics Presents found a way to do continuity in between its stories. Superman and Hawkman teamed up and an explosion sent Superman back in time to, in the next issue, join Sgt. Rock and Easy Company. There was a three part Jim Starlin story that actually did some deep stuff with Superman for the time. There was even a running story involving Jon Ross that I’ll write about in another guest post, should the regular writer of this blog ever take leave of his senses and let me write for him again. It was, seriously, one of the best stories you could do with the Superman of the time.

DC Comics Presents was a casualty of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was cancelled three issues shy of #100,a bizarre move if ever I’ve heard of one. It was decided that a Superman book had to go, and DCCP went. Instead, Action Comics became the Superman team-up book, but it wasn’t the same. It was all John Byrne.

I don’t even say that in a bad way. It made a lot of sense to let John play with some of the DC characters long denied him during his time at Marvel. But the cool thing about DCCP was the different looks, different perspectives. In that way I think it was far superior to Brave and the Bold, which was all Bob Haney and Jim Aparo.

DC Comics Presents let Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen write funny Superman stuff and create Ambush Bug and let Alan Moore write dark Superman stuff.

It reintroduced Firestorm and Vixen to the DC Universe. It let Steve Ditko’s Starman finish his story. It published some unused Jack Kirby Superman art. Even Hoppy the Marvel Bunny made his first modern appearance in DCCP.

It was a broad, fun book, capable of telling any story there was. And, given the largeness of Superman, it could do team-ups that no one else could. Those Batman/Scalphunter team-ups always seemed forced, but Superman and the Unknown Soldier... well, that just seemed to work.

Like I mentioned above, he teamed up with his Earth-2 counterpart, his younger Superboy self, and his own secret identity. Let’s see that guy in Gotham pull those team-ups off.

Thom Zahler's one of SIB's best friends. He's the creator of Love and Capes, a superhero sitcom comic with immediately likable and fun characters and brilliant art. Go read his comic, fall in love his work, then commission him to do some for you.

He also had nothing to do with the awful header on the post. That little bit of terrible is all my fault.


Mego toys came and went before I was born, but I love them. I've always wanted a Superman from the 8 inch series, but to find one in decent shape with all his stuff is a bit costly.

Just because I think they're neat, a bunch of Mego commercials. (PS. Go check out the Mego Museum. It's neat, too.)

A commercial for the whole Marvel/DC line. Prepare to say "What the hell?" when it gets to the Falcon.

The Hall of Justice. I am terribly amused by the teleportation gimmick.

This one is funny. It's a series of commercials for Mego's 4 inch figures. It taught me two things: Penguin was a badass in the 70s, and Spider-Man is an ineffectual quitter.

I think all of these are beyond cool:

This is particularly interesting. There's a mego commercial, but keep watching afterwards. Superman shills for the Air Force.

Monday, December 10, 2007

That's KING Jimmy to you

And when have you ever been monarch of your own country, Lois? You don't wear envy well, Ms Lane.

Elseworlds round up (part 2)

Did I say these would be up yesterday? I'm a total liar and I suck. Sorry. Any way, five more reviews. (And for those who missed the link in the last post, these elseworlds are actually my second round of haiku reviews. The original was way back when and called Crazy Crossover Craziness. I think those are pretty funny.

War of the Worlds

Supes and H.G. Wells,
Best Fleischer short never made.
This one is quite good.

Elseworld's Finest

World's Finest with boobs?
They are usually men!
Emotions confused.

Steel Annual #1

Steel fights slavery,
wearing a cape and loincloth.
Dumb or offensive?

The Superman Monster

Stories involving
a man in love with a corpse
shouldn't be boring.

Superman, Inc

Kal's a sports star
with mother issues and a
most stupid haircut.

The Elseworld's Finest review may be the best thing I've ever done for this site. One last batch of 5 up some time this week.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Elseworlds round up (part 1)

I decided to read a bunch of Elseworlds comics. Why yes, I do hate myself, why do you ask? Any ways, I read them, and now I'm going to review them. Thing is, I read A LOT of them. So in the next few days expect reviews of no less than fifteen Superman Elseworlds stories. Now long in depth reviews would quickly get tedious both to write and read. So how do we handle batches of reviews at SIB? The ancient Japanese art of Haiku.

Distant Fires

Shazam goes crazy
because Supes sexes Wondy.
That is just stupid.

True Brit

Superman drinks tea;
Mutilates with cricket bat.
Who finds this funny?

The Super Seven (Adventures of Superman Annual 6, Superboy Annual 1)

Black trenchcoats. Large guns.
Psychological trauma.
The nineties? EX-TREME!

Superman: At Earth's End

Hate. Hate hate hate. Hate.
Hate hate hate hate hate. Hate hate.
Hate. Hate. Hate hate hate.

Red Son

Brilliant Lex Luthor
A very clever ending
Mark Millar's best work.

Five more tomorrow.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Folks who know the score: Steve Rude

Steve Rude's work is beautiful; graceful and fluid, not a line wasted or out of place. His work is an amazing hybrid of Kirby and Toth. He's most famous for his creation Nexus with Mike Baron, but good lord can does that man have a handle on Superman. I'll spare you my rants about how he's a perfect modernization of the Fleischer Superman and how in many ways I see his rendition as a spiritual successor to Shuster's and just share some pretty, pretty pictures with you.

That stuff is just gorgeous.

Wherein I abuse my power

I don't plan to make a habit of this sort of thing, but for Thom I make an exception. You guys remember Thom right? Author of Superman Taught Me How to Lie and official pal of SIB? I mentioned his comic and went on about how much I love his art. Well now you can love your very own Thom Zahler original.

He's now taking commissions.

Go buy something from him! He's VERY affordable and awesome.

I was serious about the 8 track

Winners of the The Great DC Contest! I announce them! Right now!

First Prize, an original piece of art by Mike Wieringo, goes to Christian D. I hope you enjoy it, sir.

Second Prize, a copy of Showcase Presents Superman Family, goes to Youri Z. Let me know if you want my copy or shiny new one, Youri!

Third Prize, a copy of Superman The Movie original soundtrack on 8 track tape goes to Paul S. (Seriously. But I promise to include something cool with it, Paul.)

I'll email the winners with details soon. And! Cool thing! I got more than 25 entries. So if any one (whether you played or not) wants a little SIB logo pin/button, drop me an email and say "Gimme a button!"

I had a lot of fun with this. If I can think of a cool first prize we'll definitely be having another contest in the future.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Metropolis Mailbag redux

More reader mail. This time questions/comments that haven't been asked more than once, just ones I thought were interesting.

So is the blog dead?

No. But sick is a fair description. It'll get better.

I thought you said you were going to start posting more.
I lied. I didn't mean to, though. I really do have like a dozen half written posts. I just haven't been feeling too great lately and when I sit down to write something for the site, I just don't finish it. I don't think much of my writing to begin with, and lately I've just not felt like anything was worth clicking "publish post" on. That's right, teenage angst from a grown man has stalled the site.

I love that your blog has lots of images
Thanks. I think blogs with tons of stuff to look at as well as read are fun too, which is why I include so many images. Speaking of, this post is about due for one. Here we go:

Dean Trippe did that. His stuff is brilliant. Go to his site and be jealous of his immense talent.

Post something funny
Okay, here's five embarrassing facts about me and my Superman fanboy-osity:

1. When I was a kid, I thought those motivational posters in the counselor's office that said "You can be anything you put your mind to" were literal. That if you thought hard enough, you could become anything. So I spent more than one afternoon sitting around trying to will myself into being Superman. (Some times a robot.)

2. That thing over in the site description to the right about wanting pictures of cute girls in Superman costumes? Only half-kidding.

3. I have a Superman toy with a shiny costume and weird Gambit like headpiece. I didn't like it. Then I remembered that in DC 1,000,000 the heroes from the future had shiny costumes, and I decided it wasn't Superman in a lame costume, but a Superman from the future and a member of the Superman Squad. Now I think he's awesome. In my head he's a got a whole back story. That's right, my toy shelf is fanfiction.

4. I've never been one of those guys who wanted to break into comics. I wanted to be a novelist when I was younger, but I never had aspirations of being a DC/Marvel writer. But when some one jokingly suggested a Terra Man miniseries in my post about him, I plotted it out. And it is awesome.

5. I own Superman boxers. I occasionally wear them.

You come across as a kiss ass when you get something from a comic pro for the site.
Maybe. It's genuine enthusiasm and gratitude for the contributions and their time, for what it's worth. I wouldn't approach them if they were some one I wasn't genuinely a fan of. I may go a little fanboy with the posts, but I don't care. I like getting excited about things some times; i do so much complaining around here.

Here, have another cool image:

Ben did this one. It is also great. The smile is kinda cocky.

I hope you don't mind, but i was wondering if you could answer this question about Superman for me...
I don't mind at all. In fact, I encourage it. Even if I don't know it I have fun looking it up for you and learning the answer myself.

The images here are from the Supergirl meme that was all the rage almost a year ago (that seems so long ago now). Go look at the rest. They're neat. Here's another, by Chris Haley. His blog is full of his art and tons of cool links and pictures and other stuff. It is a favorite.

So yeah. Real content soon. Contest results in like 10 minutes.

This creeps me out

I don't know why this disturbs me so much, but it really, really does.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just a reminder

The contest ends tomorrow night.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Idea space and what not

In Superman Annual 13, the conclusion to the Camelot Falls story, there is this.

Pssh, style biters.