Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finding your way around

(The list of tags on the right of the page was getting a bit long and it wasn't always clear to folks what meant what. So to make it easy to find the sort of things you like best here, I'm just linking to this post over there now.)

Tags this blog uses and what you'll find in the posts with them

Actual content
Character and object histories/profiles, long silly comic reviews, things like that. This is what makes the site worth reading, I think. Some of it very long essays, some pictorials, many a little of both.

Folks who know the score
Posts about creators that I think really understand the character and his world.

i heartily endorse this event and/or product
Comics/DVD/links/what have you that I think you should try.

jimmy olsen is cooler than you
Things about Jimmy Olsen.

merchandising run amuck
Superman peanut butter, toys, underpants, things like that.

Things about Mister Mxyzptlk.

No. Just no.
Posts about things I think are just awful.

perry white is senile
Funny pictures of Perry White.

The Revenge Squad
Posts about Superman's villians.

Funny comic panels, quick posts and such things that don't fit neatly elsewhere. Not a lot of reading in these.

site stuff
Stuff about me or the blog itself.

The Superman Family
Posts about the Superman's friends and family.

they made that for me
Superman art made for me.

video stuff
Youtube links and such.

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